Thanks to Southwark Council for seeing the way this yoga session benefits both parent and child and so the community. Southwark Council has contributed towards the cost of running these classes.

Taking place on Wednesday’s between 11-12 noon at Setchell T.R.A. Hall, Hazel Way, SE1 5XN.

This is a  small family friendly class. The number of parents participating is limited to 7 keep the space safe for the children. It is a place specifically for Mum’s, this is their chance to exercise, with baby or toddler accompanying them. Parents have an opportunity to focus on themselves but are able to attend to their children and be there for them when the need for a feed or simply a cuddle arises. I have 3 children myself and know how isolating it can, and your own health gets sidelined when attending to babies needs.

The main focus of the class is helping the body to recover from the trials of pregnancy and birth. Strengthening the core and pelvic floor post birth and the lower back to prevent injuries and strains that can come from carrying babies and chasing after toddlers. Regular yoga practice calms the mind, tones the body and improves overall wellbeing.   

Please email to confirm if a class is running as we currently break during school half term and summer holidays and sometimes it is not possible to arrange a substitute teacher.

“It’s a real joy to come to class. I really love the fact that the kids ‘join in’ and the class is different every week depending on who attends. Great atmosphere. “

Laura Taborn Mother of baby Martha and Roberta aged 4.

The class gives me a chance to relax and focus on me (mostly!) And not just my children.

Christine Brennan Mother of baby Aiden and Killian aged 4.

It feels good to stretch out and has eased tension in my back and shoulders… Also nice to have a cup of tea and a chat with other Mums.

Angela Miles. Mother of Daniel aged 3 months.