Liz Castro-Thomas

I started practising yoga when I suffered from lower back pain 19 years ago and have never had problems with my back since. I stuck with yoga as a regular form of exercise, not because I am particularly fit, flexible, sporty or interested in maintaining a particular body shape, but because it has always improved my mood. After time on the yoga mat, I always feel better, more relaxed and at ease than at the start of a session.

This is why I finally took the step of training to be a yoga teacher. Please come and join me if you would like to pause for breath in your busy life. Ability to bend into pretzel shapes and touch your toes are not a requirement. All classes are suitable for any age and ability.

By mindfully bending, twisting and flexing we increase our range of movement, our body awareness and overall sense of wellbeing. By carefully moving the body through its full range of movement, without forcing it in any way, we are able to make invaluable improvements to our overall health and wellbeing.